Wednesday, 11 August 2010

And that's it. The Camp is over.
The last few days have been particularly eventful, especially Monday night. In the afternoon we walked to a nearby lake where we would spend the whole day on Tuesday canoeing, swimming, playing football, etc. But the rain made an unexpected visit during the night. Thankfully Amanda and Vanesa came to our rescue very quickly and brought us back to the hostel.
The next day we got to the lake and finally did some canoeing (or tried to!).

Today we spent the morning in a team competition. During the afternoon we had time for some surprises, to pack and to get ready for tonight's final party.

Tomorrow we will wake up a bit earlier (at around 7.30am) to reach Madrid by 1.30pm.

We hope everybody had fun while learning and practising their English at camp.

We certainly had a great time!

See you all next year!

José Carlos, María and Luke

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Hello everybody

We are all having a great time at camp. The highlight of the day on Thursday was undoubtedly the Fun Fair. The English group prepared everything and the whole camp participated. There were lots of activities to do such as Bull's Eye, Fortune Telling, Precision Throw, Fish the Duck, Piñata, Crazy Olympics, etc.

Yesterday we went on an excursion to a nearby river and spent the whole day there. First we did rafting down the river. Then a bus picked us up and dropped us in a very beautiful place with a natural pool where we could swim and play games. The water was cold but it was worth it. As you can see by the pictures, the place is amazing.

Today we did some washing - we really needed some clean clothes - and did some nice salt dough figurines.
Tomorrow, among other things, we will learn how to make some cookies. Can´t wait.

These past few days have been quite tiring. We did Horse-Riding, Archery, Mountain-bike, Climbing, Zip-Wire, and Tree-walking. We also went to the swimming pool every day and did some arts and crafts. Furthermore we practiced and learned a lot of English with Luke whilst doing all this.

It has been great but we are all a bit tired now. So, tonight, bedtime is a bit earlier. And tomorrow we will wake up ready for more.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

We arrived safe and sound at El Contadero. After 5 hours on the bus we were quite tired but very happy to be here.

We spent the rest of the afternoon finding our rooms, unpacking and getting to know the rules of the facilities. We will tell you more about this wonderful place in the next few days.

Yesterday it was the first day of activities. We started with an assessment and then we started the multiadventure activities: Almudena (the Group Leader) introduced us to Rubia, Gungan, Rociera, Caramelo ... and then went for a ride in the woods.

While half of the group did horse-riding, the other half stayed with Luke doing archery. We practised both our aim and our English in a competition where we won points by shooting at the target and answering grammar questions. It was really tight but in the end team B won by just one point. This was the winning shot: 
Today we had our first mountain-bike session and discussed ideas for a group project: remaking of a blockbuster. We were very excited and decided to do Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
This afternoon we will do climbing and will finish the day in the Disco. We can't wait!
Come back and we will keep you up to date. Bye.
Hi everybody. Welcome to COADECU/ZEM.Education Summer Camps.
I am Coadekin, the Camp's Mascote and in this blog me and your children will try to keep you updated on how are we doing in the Camp.