Wednesday, 11 August 2010

And that's it. The Camp is over.
The last few days have been particularly eventful, especially Monday night. In the afternoon we walked to a nearby lake where we would spend the whole day on Tuesday canoeing, swimming, playing football, etc. But the rain made an unexpected visit during the night. Thankfully Amanda and Vanesa came to our rescue very quickly and brought us back to the hostel.
The next day we got to the lake and finally did some canoeing (or tried to!).

Today we spent the morning in a team competition. During the afternoon we had time for some surprises, to pack and to get ready for tonight's final party.

Tomorrow we will wake up a bit earlier (at around 7.30am) to reach Madrid by 1.30pm.

We hope everybody had fun while learning and practising their English at camp.

We certainly had a great time!

See you all next year!

José Carlos, María and Luke

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